1906 Adams Farwell

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1906 Adams-Farwell 6A Convertible Runabout

1906 Adams-Farwell 6A Convertible Runabout


The Adams Company was formed in 1895 in Dubuque, Iowa when F. O. Farwell joined Herbert and Eugene Adams in their experiments with gasoline engines. They produce a unique air-cooled engine in which the crankshaft was anchored solidly to the rear frame and the cylinders rotated around it enabling the engine to serve as its own flywheel and receive excellent cooling. In addition, the centrifugal force acted like a horizontal gyroscope that tended to hold the car level.

After 1908 the company introduced no new models and went out of business in 1913.

Approximately 52 Adams-Farwell cars were made and this 1906 model is the only one known to exist today.

The 1906 Adams-Farwell pictured featured:

Engine: Air-Cooled Rotary 5-Cylinder
Bore: 5"
Stroke: 5"
Displacement: 490.9 cubic-inches
Horsepower: 40-45
Body By: Connolly Carriage and Buggy Company
Price: $2,500

This car featured a unique steering system that could be installed at either the rear or front seat. Installed in the front allowed for more passengers; installed in the rear offered better weather protection for the driver.

Photo By: Douglas Wilkinson
Location: National Automobile Museum in Reno, NV

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